Recreation of
Nude with Calla Lilies 1944
Framed in a simple but elegant gold leaf frame from Florence.
Finished size 40" X 48"  $525
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter and muralist born in Guanajuato City, Guanajuato.
He studied painting in Mexico before setting out for Europe in 1907.
While he was in Europe he took up Cubism and in 1913 held exhibitions in Paris and Madrid before showing in New York city in 1916.

It was 1921 before he returned to Mexico where he undertook government sponsored murals which reflected his communist leanings.

He married Frida Kahlo in 1929, and their tempestuous marriage became as famous their art.
In the 1930s and 40s Rivera worked in the United States. At the time many of his works caused great controversy.

His 1933 mural for the RCA Building in Rockerfeller Centre in Manhattan featured a portrait of Lenin, the resulting uproar led to his dismissal from the project and in the following year the murals destruction.

Similarly a 1948 mural for the Hotel de Prado in Mexico that included the words "God does not exist". The mural was covered up and held from the publics' eyes for nine years.

His personal life was as complex and dramatic as much of his work. In 1929 he married Frida Kahlo who was 20 years his junior. The two had a passionate but very stormy relationship, divorcing in 1939 only to later remarry. Kahlo died in 1954 and Rivera remarried his art dealer in 1959.

Several years ago Kahlo was the subject of the film "Frida" starring Selma Heyak.

Although it is unlikely any of us could afford an original Diego Rivera it is still possible to enjoy his art and bring life to your home. Each recreation that we have commissioned will surprise you. Painstakingly painted on heavy canvas and framed in Italian mouldings right here in Tempe we currently have 9 works for purchase ranging in price from $450 - $650.

Rivera created hundreds of works  some of incredible complexity and scope.

The works we have chose to recreate were originally painted in the mid 1930s and depict peasant life in Mexico at the time.

The Calla Lilly is a hallmark of the works.

On our walls we are currently exhibiting eight stunning recreations.

Framing Studio Pty Ltd
Self portrait dedicated to Irene Rich    1941
Recreation of
"The Flower Carrier" 1935
Framed in a simple but elegant gold leaf frame from Florence.
Finished size 40" X 48"  $525
The Flower Vendor
El Vendador de Alcatraces
Original on display at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art