Custom framing is our specialty.

Anything from a postage stamp to fine art  can be framed in our Tempe studio.

Our clients are always thrilled when the get the finished job. It is a real pleasure turning something that is cherished into something that can be passed to the next generation.

From the basic to the luxury, frameUp can look after you.
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Custom Framing
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So what does it cost ?

Custom Framing is just that....custom...meaning it is done to your specifications. There are so many things that can change the price such as size, the moulding chosen, glass, mats, multiple frames....

There is no right or wrong, but what we can do is guide you through the process and let you decide
what is right for your home and your pocket.

On this page we show you recent examples of our clients work and give you an idea of the charge.

Just like having a suit or dress made for you only
your art or photos will fit perfectly.

You decide the size, the colours used, and the moulding. Only you will have the finished product unlike buying a ready made frame and trying to make it work,
framing studio pty ltd
Choice is not a problem
A couple of examples of recent work for our clients.
Framing of an oil painting a client bought in Shanghai $190
Framing of a miniature from a Tuscan holiday   $120
Remember....custom framing is an art. It is labour intensive. We don't compete on price but quality, value and craftmanship.
But our customers keep coming back telling us we ARE the best price.
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Why not call or email us for a guide to pricing your job .
9558 2703  or
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No matter where you live it is worth the
trip to Tempe.

Tempe is just 7 minutes south of King
Street Newtown , about 15 minutes from the
Captain Cook Bridge and 15 minutes from

Our customers come from Penrith to Cronulla. One lady recently came from Artarmon and had a number of pictures framed. Our price around $500. When I asked why she had come all the way over the bridge she to told me the nearest quote was close to $1000 !!

Recently a client brought in 12 "faux ivory " representing the 12 months . We framed them in a shadow box on a beautiful piece of fabric set one inch back from the glasss.  A platinum coloured mount was used to make it easy to blend in anywhere.  Cost $150
A great family collage . Our client wanted something "beachy" for their holiday home .
650 x 650 Costing $110
How Romantic ! In mid June this client wanted something special to celebrate his girlfriends' 30th . After locating a magazine for his fashionable girl published the month she was born we showcased it  in a shadow box . She was thrilled . Total charge - $140
To get a quote just phone or email us
9558 2703 or
In late December a regular client brought in some old keys he was wanting to showcase . Here is they are . He tells us that it looks great in his study and was thrilled with the end results .
Price guide around $180